Apple Cinnamon Chicken

I of late was introduced to Squeaky Pops Apple Cinnamon season too accept enjoyed them! They also come upward inwards Cheddar Cheese. I cannot expression to endeavour that season too!

Great Snacks

The minor bags are neat to pack inwards a schoolhouse lunch! Squeaky Pops are crunchy alongside a hint of sweet; a satisfying sense of savor to me. I dear them on their ain too alongside hummus!


I took a minor handbag of squeaky pops too crushed them alongside a rolling pin.I added the crushed Squeaky Pops too a hint of dark pepper to a handbag alongside a boneless skinless chicken thorax (I purpose organic) too shook to coat the chicken. 

After coating the chicken I sauteed it inwards a pan for close v minutes on each side too then baked it inwards a 350 score oven (on non-stick aluminum foil) for thirty minutes (flipping afterwards 15). Your railroad train fourth dimension differs depending on the thickness of the chicken breast.

NOTE: I did non produce an egg launder every bit I accept friends that are egg costless too I wished to run across how the recipe would live on thence they could bask the coating too!


I served the Apple Cinnamon Chicken alongside ENHANCED rice. I cooked rice too added nuts, seeds, too dried fruit when almost all of the H2O was absorbed. I used i loving cup of rice too 1/2 loving cup of nuts, seeds, dried fruit mixture.

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