Are Omega-3 Fortified Foods Worth The Extra Cost?

We are continually hearing how practiced eating fish is for our wellness Are Omega-3 Fortified Foods Worth the Extra Cost?

We are continually hearing how practiced eating fish is for our health, but for people who attain non similar eating fish, getting plenty salubrious omega-3 obese acid tin travel hard. The nutrient manufacture came upwards amongst the thought of fortifying our nutrient amongst omega-3. Are these fortified foods worth the money?

You tin honour refined white bread, margarine, cookies, H2O ice cream, yogurt, milk, pasta as well as fruit juices all fortified amongst omega-3. These initial products didn’t attain really good as well as are existence phased out only inwards fourth dimension for a whole novel grouping of omega-3 fortified foods getting gear upwards for the market.

Different Types of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
The omega-3 y’all teach from works life foods similar walnuts as well as flaxseeds are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) as well as is a brusque chain obese acid.
EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) as well as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the omega-3 obese acids constitute inwards mutual depression temperature H2O oily fish as well as is to a greater extent than usable yesteryear our body.  These are long chain obese acids.
Omega-3 obese acids are considered essential obese acids because they are necessary for our wellness as well as our trunk cannot brand its own, hence nosotros necessitate to teach it from our food.
Converting ALA to EPA as well as DHA Omega-3
ALA is converted inwards our trunk to EPA as well as and hence to DHA. Our bodies are non practiced at converting the ALA to EPA as well as DHA, hence nosotros attain necessitate to consume or supplement amongst the EPA/DHA shape of the omega-3 obese acids. Some atmospheric condition tin forbid this conversion. Diabetics powerfulness non travel able to convert the ALA to EPA/DHA.
The ALA that is converted inwards our trunk to EPA as well as DHA is non inwards a 1:1 ratio. It takes a lot of ALA type of omega-3 to equal EPA/DHA omega-3.
Most studies constitute that ALA is converted to almost 5-10% EPA as well as 2-5% DHA [1]. So y’all tin teach the EPA/DHA yesteryear eating ALA containing foods as well as having your trunk convert it or y’all tin teach the EPA/DHA straight yesteryear eating sure enough types of fish.
This conversion charge per unit of measurement also varies according to age, gender, wellness as well as the total of omega-6 obese acids inwards the diet. H5N1 diet high inwards the omega-6 foods tin lower this conversion rate.
Recommended Daily Amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Unfortunately at that spot is no recommended daily total (RDA) for omega-3, dissimilar groups receive got differing opinions. This is because each person’s daily requirement for omega-3 tin travel different.
The USDA 2010 Nutritional Guidelines say that salubrious people should teach 250 mg (milligrams) of omega-3 per twenty-four hr catamenia [2].
The American Heart Association says that people amongst pump illness should teach 1,000 mg (1 gram) of omega-3 per day.
The Linus Pauling Institute researched many studies amongst omega-3 as well as constitute that 2 small-scale servings of oily fish per calendar week gave bang-up wellness benefits. This total of fish would equal 500 mg of EPA/DHA per twenty-four hr catamenia [3].
H5N1 grouping of nutritional scientists recommend nosotros consume 650 mg of EPA/DHA as well as 2,200 mg of ALA per day.
Omega-3 Fortified Foods
According to Frost & Sullivan, omega-3 fortified nutrient inwards the the States typically has 32 mg of EPA as well as DHA, a fraction of most recommended daily amounts [4].
It appears at this fourth dimension that the nutrient manufacture is proverb that the recommended daily value for EPA/DHA is a rather depression 160mg. Keep this inwards heed when looking at the percentages they ambit on their labels. If the label doesn’t specify which type of omega-3, y’all tin travel fairly sure enough it is ALA.
Yoplait Source Cardio omega-3 fortified yogurt has 300 mg (.3 grams) inwards a 3.5 ounce serving. The nutritional facts attain non say what type of omega-3, since it is a high number, I would estimate it is ALA.
If the conversion charge per unit of measurement of ALA to EPA/DHA is fifty-fifty at 10%, this would hateful that this loving cup of yogurt gives y’all thirty mg of EPA/DHA omega-3.
If nosotros become amongst a recommended average of 500 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3 per day, y’all would receive got to consume 17 of these 3.5 ounce yogurt cups every twenty-four hr catamenia to teach the equivalent of the same total of EPA/DHA omega-3 obese acids.
Minute Maid enhanced pomegranate juice has 50 mg of DHA omega-3. Not bad, but this serving size also has 29g of sugar. The label says 36% of the recommended 160 mg of DHA per twenty-four hr catamenia which agency iii spectacles as well as 88 grams of carbohydrate as well as expensive to equal the recommended total of DHA.
Other fruit drinks similar Tropicana as well as others had similar nutritional facts. I wouldn’t pay the extra cost for the added omega-3 as well as all of that sugar.
Breads as well as pasta similar Barilla receive got omega-3 products equally well, they would travel the ALA type because the receive got flaxseed inwards them. Not worth the extra cost over the regular products.
Smart Balance omega-3 buttery spread has 320mg of ALA as well as 32mg of the EPA/DHA.
Some but non all of the omega-3 fortified eggs are of the ALA type because the chickens were fed flaxseed. Others also receive got the DHA omega-3 if the chickens were also fed algae as well as seaweed.
Cheaper Ways to Get Omega-3
By comparison, a 2 ounce serving of Chicken of the Sea canned salmon has 350 mg of EPA as well as DHA as well as no carbohydrate or additives. The entire tin has over 700 mg of the EPA/DHA omega-3 at a cost of $1.79.
One of the to a greater extent than expensive bottles as well as pharmaceutical grades of fish crude oil is made yesteryear Barlean’s as well as cost on average $13. There are 47 servings which is 28 cents per serving. Each serving has 850 mg of EPA as well as 540mg of DHA for an omega-3 total of 1,390 mg.
The Barlean’s cod liver crude oil is cheaper as well as has 440 mg of EPA as well as 460 mg of DHA for an omega-3 total of 900 mg. You don’t receive got to receive got either of these every twenty-four hr catamenia to teach the USDA recommended total of 1,750 mg per week.
If y’all don’t desire the fish crude oil taste, GNC as well as other stores receive got many types of capsules. For lawsuit their triple forcefulness capsule has 647 mg of EPA as well as 253 mg of DHA for an omega-3 total of 900 mg at a cost of $40 as well as 120 capsules. This is exclusively 33 cents per capsule.
The ALA type of omega-3 is also healthy. You tin teach a pocketbook of solid soil flaxseed as well as sprinkle it on salads, set it inwards smoothies or on vegetables, summation y’all teach salubrious dietary fiber as well as it is gluten free. H5N1 tablespoon of solid soil flaxseed has 2.2 grams (2,200 mg) of the ALA omega-3.
The Future of Omega-3 Fortified Foods
At this time, the fortified ALA omega-3 marketplace has flattened out as well as never took off equally expected. The functional or fortified nutrient manufacture expects the EPA/DHA omega-3 fortified foods to travel the adjacent pop products. Kellogg’s late had a candy bar amongst 100 mg of DHA omega-3 added, but it has disappeared.
Egg producers similar Oakdell Farms are producing omega-3 eggs that receive got both the ALA as well as DHA inwards them. They feed the chickens a mixture of flaxseed as well as algae, algae is a concentrated shape of DHA omega-3. DHA fortified foods from algae could travel the adjacent large mensuration as well as could travel worth the extra coin if the production isn’t total of carbohydrate as well as other unhealthy additives.
Whether the nutrient has ALA or EPA/DHA omega-3 added to it, the toll volition travel higher than the nonfortified product. Look at the total as well as type of omega-3 added to the nutrient summation all of the other ingredients similar sugar, sodium as well as artificial ingredients that y’all attain non desire to consume along amongst the omega-3.
Just because a nutrient is fortified amongst omega-3 doesn’t automatically hateful it is healthy. They could truly receive got a large total of vegetable oils amongst a high total of omega-6 as well as could attain to a greater extent than price than good.
It could travel cheaper as well as healthier to receive got a supplement or to consume a niggling fish as well as add together to a greater extent than or less walnuts or flaxseed to your diet for a salubrious total of all types of omega-3 obese acids.

Warnings as well as Side Effects of Too Much Fish Oil
If y’all receive got a blood thinner, bruise easily or receive got other haemorrhage problems talk to your doctor earlier taking whatever fish crude oil supplements. Do non receive got a supplement of to a greater extent than than 3000 mg (3 grams) of fish crude oil per twenty-four hr catamenia unless directed yesteryear your doctor.
Amounts over 3000 mg (3 grams) per twenty-four hr catamenia are non recommended. Too much fish oil, whether supplement or eaten tin campaign bleeding. Some people study getting nosebleeds fifty-fifty amongst amounts of chiliad mg of EPA/DHA fish crude oil supplements every day.
Look at both the DHA as well as EPA as well as add together the 2 together for the total omega-3 content.

Copyright © Feb 2011 Sam Montana
[1] PubMed: Am J Clin Nutr. September 2003 vol. 78 no. 3 640S-646S
[2]  USDA Nutritional Guidelines Appendices pdf

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