Red Or Green… Which Cabbage Should Ane Buy?

If you lot are making a cabbage salad for the holidays, you lot may move interested inward purchasing both colors to practise a festive colored dish. On a regular basis, which cabbage diverseness packs the biggest nutrition punch? My question has shown that cabbage should move a vital utilization of a person’s diet together with it is best for you lot eaten raw. Red cabbage appears to accept a slight border over light-green cabbage.

Benefits of Cabbage

  • Rich inward sulfur together with silicon helping foreclose dry out pilus together with fights infections. H5N1 deficiency of sulfur tin effect inward microbial infections together with a greatly reduced healing speed. It likewise reduces the frequency together with severity of ulcers
  • A rich source of beta-carotene helping sec foreclose macular degeneration together with promote adept oculus wellness together with delay cataract formation 
  • High Vitamin H5N1 content acts every bit an antioxidant together with promotes pilus growth
  • Polyphenols lower LDL together with assist bring down blood pressure
  • High fiber levels together with depression caloric content assist people who are looking for a salubrious agency to lose weight

Red Cabbage 

Red Cabbage is a brassica vegetable similar kale together with broccoli which is idea to assist the trunk inward preventing chronic diseases similar cancer, pump disease, together with diabetes. Red cabbage is high inward nutrition together with to keep nutrition levels, it is best eaten raw.


  • High levels of Vitamin C to boost the immune system
  • Phytonutrients grapple inflammation together with combats arthritis
  • Vitamin K helps keep os calcium together with bring down adventure of osteoporosis
  • Anthocyanins together with antioxidants grapple inflammation, gratis radicals, together with chronic disease 

Green Cabbage

Contains twice every bit much Vitamin K every bit cherry-red cabbage. Vitamin K regulates os mineralization yesteryear increasing os density together with helps the blood to coagulate. Green cabbage likewise contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, together with Iron inward smaller quantities than cherry-red cabbage.

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