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Granola Made Simple

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I love making granola as well as then I tin plough over the axe command the carbohydrate inwards my diet. When I offset needed to consume a gluten costless diet, I had a hard fourth dimension finding cereal that was non loaded alongside sugars. (The options are much meliorate now). I got inwards the habit

I Cannot Become Plenty Sun! Tin You?

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I cannot teach plenty Sun…SunButter that is! I cannot teach plenty SunButter. I spotted the NEW packaging at Sprouts of late as well as purchased a few jars to replenish my supply. I assay to boundary added sugars from my diet. Thanks SunButter for helping me make my goals! SunButter non exclusively TASTES GREAT, exactly

Power Cookie … Sandwich

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When I brand quinoa I unremarkably brand a large batch … a blank sail to customize. You already knew that near me! Today I made a version of my Sugarless Chocolate Chip Cookies and added an selection to brand them DECADENT. Base Ingredients: 1 really ripe banana (that’s the natural sweetness) 1 loving cup of

Holiday Quinoa Bites

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I dearest simplicity inwards the kitchen. Quinoa is ane of the versatile foods inwards my pantry. It is smashing for savory meals, it is smashing for a hot cereal, as well as it tin endure made into cookies. I adapted my SUGARLESS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE recipe to brand Holiday Quinoa Bites. I doubled the base

Beeting Midpoint Quinoa Salad; Vegan; Meatless Monday

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When I was browsing my local paper the other day, I came across this salad recipe that had roasted beets cutting into heart-shapes! I only savage inwards beloved alongside the await of it! I laid beets regularly inwards the cast of stir-fry, salad, sauté etc. I accept never roasted them! I roasted them this fourth

Quinoa Milk

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Quinoa milk is high inward poly peptide in addition to fiber in addition to has a depression glycemic index. I had the chance to crusade Quinoa Milk from Good Groceries. My hubby in addition to I accept been drinking Almond Milk for several years equally I accept a hard fourth dimension digesting cow’s milk. Quinoa

Quinoa-Methi Pulao ( Quinoa-Fenugreek-Rice Pilaf); Meatless Monday

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I am big fan of quinoa. I brand quinoa-black edible bean salad, quinoa-avocado salad, quinoa dosa, quinoa idlis, quinoa cutlets. However, dissimilar many people, I cannot substitute rice amongst quinoa. I honey my rice. You see, I am South-Indian in addition to nosotros South-Indians honey our rice! Being  that I am ever looking for new