Tofu Parmesan

I was at a workshop in addition to works life that many of the gluten costless options were too vegan options. Combining gluten costless amongst vegan reduced the set out of extra meals the catering fellowship had to prepare. This allowed me to essay novel recipes in addition to acquire a few tricks. Tofu is an cheap poly peptide which makes this repast a money-saving meal.


Tofu Parmesan is a slap-up accept on Chicken Parmesan. I used extra theater tofu which I drained in addition to dried out some (wrapped inwards a kitchen towel betwixt 2 plates). The extra footstep of drying created a firmer texture to the tofu in addition to makes it a chip to a greater extent than chewy. I essay to plough over off the tofu inwards the towel for 1-2 hours if I guide maintain the time…more fourth dimension volition create a firmer “meaty” texture. I cutting the block of tofu lengthwise in addition to width-wise to create iv rectangles.


I preheated the oven to 350 and  placed the tofu on non-stick aluminum foil topped amongst gluten costless pasta sauce. After xx minutes I added cheese (dairy costless or dairy tin give the sack hold out used depending on your dietary preferences/needs) in addition to allowed the cheese to melt (about 10 minutes).


I served the Tofu Parmesan amongst gluten costless pasta in addition to a side salad. Each someone was given 2 wedges of tofu; thus ane packet of tofu serves 2 people.

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