Virgin Peach Melon Daiquiri ;Meatless Monday

With the soaring temperatures, our urge to constantly  detect ways to cool downward increases!! The almost mutual method to cool downward is to gulp something cold.  This oftentimes makes us gravitate towards unhealthy gulp options like  store-made/ bought Smoothies, Coolattas etc which pack a ton of sugar! These drinks tin displace go made at dwelling inside five minutes if yous accept the ingredients at home! If yous don’t accept all the ingredients, yous larn creative too brand operate of what yous have!  All yous require is a blender of some kind; zero fancy.

Summer is a flavor of watermelons too peaches!! We oftentimes purchase whole watermelons too and so that watermelon occupies a lion’s percentage of infinite inward the refrigerator! I accept establish that using it inward a juice-drink is the quickest way to complete it off! At the farmer’s marketplace I larn carried away too oftentimes purchase to a greater extent than peaches than what I tin displace eat! Yesterday eventide in i trial nosotros got dwelling afterwards a walk at the park, I decided to operate these 2 fruits too brand a drink. I but blended some watermelon too a peach amongst some cubes of H2O ice too voila! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 perfect gulp was ready! The married adult man too the kids drank it fifty-fifty faster than I made it!! Both the watermelon & peach were sweet, so I didn’t accept to add together whatever additional sugar. It was genuinely delicious too refreshing! Added bonus: the kids go their daily quota of fruits without fifty-fifty realizing it! How cool is that!

Prep time: iii minutes

Total time: iii minutes

Servings: Two 8 oz glasses


Watermelon: 1 palm-size while ( roughly 1 1/2 cups diced cubes )
Peach: 1 medium-sized ( to a greater extent than or less 1/2 loving cup of diced cubes ).
Ice-cubes: iv nos
Sugar/honey: 1 tsp ( optional)


Peel the watermelon too die it small. Keep aside.

Wash too pare the peach. Slice it. Remove the seed.

Reserve 2 small-scale pieces too add together the balance of the  watermelon cubes amongst the  peach slices & H2O ice cubes to the blender . Add saccharide if the fruit is non sweet. Blend for 30-45 seconds.

Divide the juice betwixt 2 tall glasses.

Garnish amongst reserved watermelon cube.

Serve immediately/ serve cold.


I am bringing thirst quencher to all our friends at Saucy Saturdays#50! Angie’s co-hosts this calendar week are  Quinn @ dadwhats4dinner and Elaine @ Foodbod.

Cooking made easy:

You tin displace brand a gulp amongst fruits of your selection too availability. If the pulp is thick, add together additional water. If the fruit is sour, sweeten it a lilliputian amongst beloved or sugar. Play to a greater extent than or less too detect out which combination industrial plant out the best for you!

Tip for salubrious living:

Whenever yous purchase fruits or vegetables, it is best to purchase whatever is inward season. The arrive at that is inward flavor is unremarkably locally grown which inward plough agency that it has non travelled far too hence is fresh.

Food for thought:

Every hateful solar daytime may non go good.. But at that topographic point is something expert inward every day! Unknown

Please usage percentage your thoughts. Your sentiment matters!

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